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FinaL OutlaW

Updated November 2022:

In 2022, I started releasing music again after 5+ years of absence. All of the songs released so far have been previously unheard songs that were never formally published. You will see the year in the song title for each song that was previously unreleased. The year in the title is meant to give you a rough idea of when the song was conceptualized and created. If you don’t see a year in the song title, that means the song is new. I don’t plan on releasing new songs until I have emptied out my vault of older songs.

I believe that our story and who we really are shouldn’t be left to others to tell. Each one of us deserves to know and embrace this idea. This is why I’ve decided to re-establish my website. I sincerely hope that this time you will be free to listen to what I have to say without having to worry about the outcome.

🏴 FO